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We have been implementing a modern line of eye and ear drops production.

The solution preparation section has an extremely flexible construction consisting of two main mixers and two buffer tanks. The entire solution preparation line is closed with sterile conditions inside. The main mixers have a capacity of 300L and 1000L. The capacity of each buffer tank is 1000L. It is possible to freely combine the product path between the tanks. The final sterilization is carried out by the sterilizing filtration. The use of the above configuration of mixers and buffer tanks, apart from flexibility, also allows achieving large production capacities due to the possibility of preparing the next batch simultaneously with the previous filling.

It is also possible to introduce sterile nitrogen into the system to remove air. The solutions are being packed by a fully automated dispensing line. The packaging of the solution takes place in the cleanliness class A for sterile direct packaging. We have a wide range of packaging formats for drops or spray. The most important of the proposed direct packaging is the 3K system. It is the most modern dispensing system for eye drops, which ensures sterility of the solution remaining in the package. Due to that system, we can produce eye preparations without preservatives.

3K dispensers can be combined with bottles of different capacities. Additionally to the 3K dispensers, there are also overlays that facilitate handling of the dispenser as well as improving the appearance of the packaging. Filled direct containers are being packed in properly selected cartons and supplemented with a leaflet for the patient. The entire process, starting with dispensing the solution to placing the cartons on the pallet, takes place completely automatically without the participation of operators. The maximum filling capacity reaches up to 200 packages per minute. With the most complex packaging combination, the production speed does not drop below 100 packages per minute.

Since the beginning, our production line was designed in order to guarantee high flexibility and easy adaptation to various types of products manufactured for our clients. Therefore, both devices in the solution preparation section as well as in the packaging section show wide configuration possibilities allowing the best adaptation of the line.

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